About Amaro Gayo Coffee


A little about us

Amaro Gayo Coffee is an established coffee farming business, producing hand-picked and ethically sourced specialty, organic ‘arabica’ coffee for export all over the world, helping our outgrowers access an income.
Amaro Gayo Coffee was founded in 2005 by Asnakech Thomas, the first Ethiopian female coffee producer, miller and direct exporter.

Our prime objective is to improve the livelihoods and the well-being of the people of Amaro, especially women. Amaro invests in training for farmers and replanting programs. Our award-winning organisation supplies organic coffee produced in the Amaro Mountains, in Southern Ethiopia


The Amaro people

The Amaro people, now numbering about two hundred thousand, are said to have come from the Christian north, in the Amhara region around Gonder many years ago; and Asnakech is very interested in improving the living conditions for the people of Amaro district where she was brought up. Through the help of Soldaridad and USAID, training, awareness about HIV AIDS and other health matters have been brought to a large group of coffee farmers and their households in Amaro.

Although nationally great improvements in health have been achieved, health care remains a problem as well as many other districts in rural Ethiopia. Asnakech’s enduring ambition for Amaro is that a hospital can be established there, especially to help mothers-to-be and their young children. Many have to travel to the large town of Dilla more than 116 kilometers away. Often these women never return because birth incidents occur along the way; this indeed happened to her elder sister Zawditu and her baby.

Just as it was in Europe and America until the beginning of the twentieth century, childbirth and fistula remain dangerous facts of life for many young women in the countryside of Ethiopia, and in other developing countries, because of the lack of ante-natal care and midwifery services.

For the Amaro Gayo Buna sites there are employed about 30 full-time workers, but for the coffee production months from October to March each year, there are usually another 300 seasonal workers, mainly at Kore Biko and Derba Menana. Most of them are women and girls, so Asnakech is very familiar with their domestic and health matters. Asnakech says “My door is always open and they often talk to me about their difficulties”.

In the countryside the womenfolk are the real organizers of the families’ affairs, health, and education for children; they are the ones that need help. Therefore, in Amaro district, Asnakech runs her own fairtrade, coffee pricing scheme for over 4 cooperating, registered farmers. It is known as ‘cash in the pocket!’

Our vision & mission

To be one of the most reliable company with its quality in the coffee industry.




1,800-2,000 m


Season of Harvest



October to February





Amaro District


Types of Coffee



Amaro Gayo (Sundried) and Washed Amaro Gayo