Amaro Gayo coffee

Welcome to Amaro Gayo Coffee,
helping and empowering our farmers to help themselves

This exceptional coffee is produced by Asnakech Thomas, Ethiopia’s only female coffee grower, miller and direct exporter. Brought up in the Amaro district of the Southern Region of Ethiopia, Asnakech, as one of the Ethiopian diaspora returned from abroad to go into farming, and especially for growing and exporting specialty organic coffee.

Amaro Gayo Coffee is unique in its background, whilst being the first and currently only coffee organisation in Ethiopia, to fund research into the arabica genetic varietals, we are known for our continued efforts to support and establish a sustainable life for our coffee women and farmers. As a further opportunity we offer women and men, coffee-oriented training and kits to produce our organically certified, handpicked coffee arabica. We also hold further unrelated classes such as our HIV Awareness training.

The Amaro farmlands are located in the highlands, in the foothills of the Amaro Mountains, near Asnackech’s ancestral land. The Gaayo waterfalls run through the land, and also form part of our name.
The coffee farmlands are situated at an altitude of 1,800-2,000 meters above sea level; the harvest season is from October to February.




We are the growers and suppliers of a real specialty coffee.

For people of Ethiopia, the word for coffee is “Buna”, and Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee: it is in the rainforests of the Kaffa region that coffee arabica grew wild, and there still grows wild, and in other coffee regions of Ethiopia. It is considered that in the coffee-growing regions of Ethiopia there are over 10,000 (and counting) separate genetic varieties of coffee arabica. In order to assist in this scientific genetic research Asnakech in 2014 started funding the Awade Branch of the Jimma Agricultural Research Institute for an 8 years program on the genetic base of arabica coffee in Amaro.

The mountains of Amaro are an insular place in Ethiopia, isolated by two Rift Valley lakes, Chamo and Abeya to the West and by a chain of green mountains in the East-the highlands near Yirga Chefe and Fisseha Genet. This remoteness has helped to create one of the most uniquely flavored and sought-after coffees (coffee Arabica), as all Amaro Gayo Buna aficionados agree, and for which over the years Asnakech has received several awards.
Much of the western part of this district of Southern Ethiopia lies inside the Nechisar National Park. The major crops grown in Amaro are teff, (an Ethiopian staple) corn, wheat, barley, coffee, beans, enset (false banana), and different kinds of fruit and vegetables. Even the bananas from Amaro have a special, unique flavor, a citrus-like tang.
Our coffee production process mainly takes place in two locations in Amaro; for both washed and natural sun-dried coffee, at Kore Biko and Derba Menana. There the coffee from our own plantations and that from neighbouring coffee farmers’ households is brought. Over the years, through her own skills, Asnakech has trained her coffee people and cooperating farmers in her methods, and her insistence on selecting fresh and fully ripe red cherries for the semi-washed process. The local coffee farmers “looking over the fence”, listen to her because they have seen the first class results for themselves.